VR Event Service Packages

All packages include travel to your event site within the Portland metro area, setup and use of commercially licensed VR equipment and content.

As a general guideline to selecting a package, assume each participant spends up to 10 minutes in VR, and allow 10 minutes each hour to allow for for user setup, orientation and questions.

Red VR Headset.png

The Soloist

$ 600 (2 hour)

Suitable for a few participants in a small area..

  • 1 VR station / 2 hours* 
  • User-selectable content experiences
  • 1 staff attendant

Note does not include observation monitors 

*Add up to 2 additional hours at $50 / hour


The Duo

$ 800 (2 hour)

Suitable for more active participants in a large area. 

Permits multiplayer shared experiences

  • 2 VR stations / 2 hours* 
  • Cordoned-off area for each user
  • User-selectable content experiences, including multiplayer
  • 2 staff attendants
  • 2 x 43" observation monitors / viewing area
  • 1 self-signup waiting list kiosk incl. text notification

*Add up to 2 additional hours at $50 / hour


The rounds

Contact Us For Details

Suitable for educators, recreational centers and healthcare professionals interested in integrating regular VR use into their activities, curriculum or treatment plans.

  • Same setups and time blocks as the SOLOIST or DUO, with discounted rates for blocked visits
  • Minimum 4 calendar events in a 12-week period